Why Book a Destination Wedding for your Big Day

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Planning a wedding boils down to a couple making a series of very personal choices. Everything about the special day should perfectly reflect the couple and their wishes. For the travel-loving couple or for those who just want to get married in a beautiful or interesting location, destination weddings have become quite popular and there are many compelling reasons to booking a destination wedding for your own nuptials.

You Choose the Backdrop for your “I do”

You aren’t limited by the scenery in your hometown when you plan a destination wedding. Take your pick of beautiful locations around the world and choose the perfect backdrop for exchanging your vows. For instance, choosing to book a Jamaican wedding or a beach wedding in another location gives you a beautiful place to exchange vows and memorable scenery to start off your married life together.

Keep it Casual

Many couples may desire a more casual, fun-filled wedding but feel pressured into a more formal event by traditional family members. Planning a destination wedding is the great excuse to ditch the heels and step down the formality a great deal. Most destination weddings are in vacation spots which are a much better fit for a casual wedding than a stuffy soiree which for some couples is reason enough to plan a wedding away.

With Destination Weddings the Details are Sorted for You

Many popular wedding resorts offer free wedding planning to couples looking to wed at their property. Whether it’s an intimate affair with a few close friends or you have a massive guest list, these resort wedding planners can usually offer all-inclusive wedding packages to make all of the planning simple. You will still have options to make it reflect your personality, but all of the big details will be taken care of.

Tick an Item Off Your Bucket List

Been dreaming of a stay in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives or sipping cocktails on a swanky New York rooftop? Why not check something off your bucket list at the same time as you get married. A destination wedding allows you to choose your fantastic locale, making more than one of your dreams come true on your wedding day.


You can Save on Wedding Decor

Who needs elaborate floral arrangements and ribbons when you’ve got a stunning location?  Whether you’re getting married in front of a gorgeous sunset, a fairytale castle or a beautiful garden, you’ll be covered with minimal extra decor, freeing up plenty of your budget for those plane tickets.

Enjoy Extra Time with your Family and Friends

Weddings are high-energy and somewhat fast paced (at least for the bride and groom). This can leave little time for catching up with family and friends. Alternatively, if you make it a destination wedding, you’ll typically have several days to spend with your favorite people. This is great bonding time and a memorable experience for everyone.  

Your Wedding Guests Can Get a Great Vacation Deal

Most resorts worthy of your destination wedding are happy to offer discounted room rates for groups, especially if you are hosting your wedding there. Some airlines will even offer you discounted tickets if you make a group booking, even when coming from different locations around the country. Plus, booking your wedding far from home is a good excuse to get that work-a-holic family member out of the office and relaxing for a few days. Who couldn’t use a bit less time at work?!

The Near and the Dear: A Destination Wedding is a Good Excuse to Limit the Guest List

Choosing who makes the guest list cut can be a bit daunting especially when you have a large extended family or many work buddies who may be offended if they don’t get an invite. The nature of destination weddings means that attending your nuptials is more of a commitment. This gives you the perfect excuse to limit the guest list to the nearest and dearest and invite all those work mates and second cousins to a pre or post wedding bash once you get back.