Top Group Destinations

Sharing an experience with people we care about (or at the very least enjoy the company of) is the core of any group getaway. Be it relishing a meal together, catching sight of the amazing or just relaxing on a beach within earshot of friendly conversation, we find it immensely pleasurable to enjoy adventures with others. Part of that enjoyment derives from the fact that we all agree upon a lovely destination, a locale we all find to be delightful and plain awesome. So, how do you decide on which destinations fits your group best? Here’s a short list to give you some ideas.

8. Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida

Known as the happiest place on Earth, Disney World offers families, couples and, of course, groups wonderful attractions; from the iconic rides that has made Disney Theme Parks famous to the relaxing bars at the Stormalong Bay resort. Some parents have even returned to Walt Disney World without the kids after realizing there are many adult oriented distractions at this house of mouse!

7. Montego Bay, Jamaica

White sands, blue green oceans and a cooling breeze under a warm sun, Montego Bay represents the ideal beach getaway for most people. Whether it’s enjoying the luxuries of a resort or sneaking away with your cohorts to experience some of the local faire, this experience is best served with a touch of rum and a barrel of laughs shared with friends.

6. Napa Valley, California

The heart of wine country and some of the most gorgeous vistas on the West Coast, Napa Valley can offer any group a full itinerary and still leave travelers thirsty for more. Sample what California’s wine country has to offer in vineyard tours, lovely restaurants and local shops.

5. Tuscany, Italy

From the picturesque countryside to the cool twilight under the umber sky of a Tuscan sunset, Tuscany will leave you slack jawed and speechless as you and your friends enjoy what this village has to offer. Once the getaway for Princes and Princesses, it is truly an experience that can only be taken in by more than one traveler.

4. London, UK

Once called the Jewel of The Empire in the days of British reign, London is a fitting capital for such a thriving nation. Though the days of Britannia ruling the waves and shores of dozens of nations are long gone, London still has much to offer your group as the gateway to the continent.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

America’s Playground; Las Vegas has plenty to offer groups and your friends. From the bright sheen of Hotel-Casinos like The Aria or The Wynn to the glitzy shows performed on the main stage of the MGM Grand, you and your friends can revel in the sights and sounds of this American desert oasis.

2. Phuket, Thailand

The gorgeous city of Phuket in the Asian coastal country of Thailand was once mistaken for Shangri-La by Western explorers and for good reason. With breath taking vistas and luxurious attractions some members of your group may not want to come home.

1. New York City, New York

The town so nice they named it twice. This city’s brief yet colorful history has inspired writers, musicians and filmmakers since the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge. You can easily lose yourself in the din of America’s most populated and culturally rich city and some of you may not want to find your back.

These are just a few ideas for great destinations you and your group can enjoy. The rest is up to you. Choose one from this list or find a destination of your own, but remember, it’s always better together.