The Family That Travels Together Stays Together!

Planning a family vacation is truly a labor of love, whether it’s extended family, multi-generational, non-nuclear or a traditional family with young children. Exploring and booking destinations, inclusive packages, tours, flights, accommodations and on-site transportation can be a daunting undertaking – a recent study found that travelers, on average, made 38 visits to travel site before purchasing their vacation!  Even though your vacation will create lifelong memories, the amount of work in booking a family vacation can be exhausting.

Don’t let the effort keep you away from the experience of a fulfilling family vacation. The experience brings families closer together, shows them where they come from and where they’re headed and teaches its members the importance of one another while expanding their horizons. Your family can benefit from any number of types of family getaways. Unwinding together on a sandy beach, learning about history on a European tour or exploring the vast expanse of the ocean and its shores on an ocean cruise are all experiences enriched further with the company of loved ones.


Planning your family vacation through a travel expert can give you all the pluses without any of the negatives of lead-up and organization. A TravelOnly travel expert has access to many different tour suppliers, connections with hotel and transportation chains as well as relationships with flight consolidators to help you choose the best family vacation experience for your budget. A TravelOnly travel expert’s passion is travel so every aspect of planning a vacation is personal to them, ensuring that your vacation is planned and organized with care and attention to detail.